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By HumanAndCovie
Ever wanted to take a shower/bath and have a CD player that can be submerged in water and not break? I was taking a shower when i got this crazy idea of listening to music in the shower. I already know there's a radio that does that why not a CD player? I thought of that because sometimes the radio has songs that you don't like and get bored of it. It would be great to do that! If it is possible i know i wouldn't get bored in the shower/bath at home.

Reward: Just one water proof CD player for free + how it was built
By Miles
The Japanese did invent a water proof CD player already, it still a brilliant idea. How about Karaoke in the shower, everybody sings during shower time though.
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By Steve
Hehe, Karaoke in the shower is cool - like it! ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
HumanAndCovie sounds like a great name for a cartoon script. Where did this name combination come from?

Your shower CD is such a great idea that Sharper Image beat you to it. :~(

Original CD Shower Companion with Radio/Alarm Clock
Stereo CD player for every room ? even the shower! Great for outdoors, too.
This is it!
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