Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By aqua_abcn5
Ten years from now, cars and other transportation vehicle, will no longer be used, because a new way of transportation will be invented by me... that is through TeleTransfer... You will just be facing a Device(eg. Monitor) and it will bring you to wherever you wanted to go...

Reward: Eliminate Traffic and Policemen :)
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By Michael D. Grissom
Scientist have just succeeded in teleporting a laser beam from one place to another. They now believe this may lead to teleportation for people which would also make time travel possible.

You can read all about the subject complete with graphics and animations on http://www.HowStuffWorks.com/
By crazykev
I think you're dumb. If you research this up more, they recreate the beam of light, it's not the original. Basically if you could teleport yourself your original would die and a new one of you would be created. Wouldn't you lose your soul? I believe so. And time travel will never be possible. No matter what scientists say, it won't be possible. I'm a very open minded person, but time travel.. it's obsurd.
By crazykev
If we ever do have the technology to transport more than a photon or two. Then I think grocery shopping would be a breeze. You could shop online and then have it instantly delivered. And we wouldnt need UPS or FEDEX anymore because we could have our mail and shipments teleported instantly.
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By Michael D. Grissom
CrazyKev <-- claiming things are "obsurd" and/or "impossible" just because you are not capable of understanding them is definately NOT "open minded". Also, open minded people are NOT so deeply opinionated. Read Webster and then read what you wrote above and try very hard to keep an "open mind" while your reading.

Also, there is a big difference between "recreating" a light beam and teleporting a light beam. The article says the light was TELEPORTED and HOW it was teleported. Read it again if necessary.

I am definately NOT an expert on religion but, I think most believe the body and sole are separate. If your sole doesn't die when your body does -- why should it be any different when your body is only 'moved'.

BTW -- you may want to do all this reading and thinking in candle light because it wasn't too long ago that the top scientist met and declaired and published that Thomas Edison was a liar because they knew all of the elements that exist on earth and none could ever be made hot enough to create light without melting or burning up. So,.. electric lights were "IMPOSSIBLE" and "OBSURD"! Sound familiar?

I believe the originator of this topic (aqua_abcn5) has a VERY open creative mind and the world really needs more people like aqua. It is because of this that I will always read anything aqua writes in this forum.
;-D ;-D ;-D
By crazykev
I am pretty capable of understanding time travel, I've researched it thoroughly. Apparently you have not.

And open-minded people can and are very opinionated.

But one thing I didn't disagree with you or this topic about was being able to teleport things.

But I will agree, the body and soul are separate so maybe we can teleport our bodies someday and keep our soul.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OK... so we simply agree to disagree, however, aside from that, I am very impressed by your honest and civil response! I respect that.

Aqua,.. you said "TeleTransfer" would be "invented by me (you)". I'm curious as to why you think YOU will be the inventor of teleportation. Do you know something that WE don't? Please don't answer that if you'll be committed to killing us upon disclosure.
By newbeak
Do you folks realize that Star Trek,the original series at least,came up with the transporter concept because it was cheaper and easier to depict moving people this way between ship and planet than showing the Enterprise landing and taking off?
Anyway,I believe that teleportation will never be practical. Stop and think about what would be involved. A scanner would have to plot where every atom in your body was instantly,and then record this information in a data bank.Do you realize how many atoms (and the molecules they constitute) are involved?
How would the person's body be reassembled at the other end? If this could be done somehow,it would still have to be done instantly,otherwise you would have blood spilling all over,and god knows what else!
I know what you are probably thinking: he is being close-minded. But on the other hand,this concept is not even likely in theory at the moment,let alone technically feasible. Even time travel is accepted by theoreticians as remotely possible.
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By cynet
OK! Just for arguments sake lets say time travel was possible.
(Not that I believe it) I thing big government and a new world order would ban it. Just think of what catastropic devestation we could create. Sure we might stop the holocost, or worse, but what about future ramifacitions of that. If nothing bad ever happened how would we learn from that. Over here in america our forfathers faught for our liberity. If we went back in time and saved everyones lives would there be a america? Let alone liberity. If everything was good, what would we have to learn. If we didn't have evil would we have good? And would we have "The Lord of the Rings: Series" if we had no concept of evil. If there were a intergalatic war for some unknown reasons, would people know how to defend themselves if they were a perfect person. The implications are just too great. No one in their right mind would possibly go back. Just one minor change could devistate the world that you and I live in. So why are scientists trying to travel through time? What are they trying to acomplish? Is money being wasted on a project that wont be used? What would it be used for? If it is just to watch, and monitor people and their way of life; go to Africa.
History teaches us how we have grown so why do we need to re-live our past? I think the idea is fruitless, but it does make for a good movie.
By jacobpatrick
ok so ive always had an idea about how i think teleportation could work.

it would take a bit more than this but this is just a summary.

you would start with your subject in a tank, and another identical tank at your destination.

you would freeze your subject tank (tank a) and destination tank(tankb) to absolute zero this would have to be done instantaniously to prevent contraction and therefore breakage.

then you would use a beam of some (unditermined) type as a kind of electron microscope to scan and pick up the atoms then dispose of them outside the tank as a gas.

you would do this from the top of tanks a and b working down combing at an atomic level leaving you with two empty tanks and a computer ful of data.
when you have finished this, you reverse the process switching tanks a and b.

with nano computing you might be able to store this data in a computer that is not much bigger than the tank.
By jacobpatrick
as for transporting myself i would never risk it.
cause im a soul man!!!!!!!
By Stewie123
the way that teleportain can work if scentist can find out how they can make all the particels in our body to transport in many microscopable pieces and transfer in a group. also the re comming to a whole is totally different, many ppl could die tring to do this, but that i gess is a risk to take after all were talking about getting toone place to another in a short matter of time
By Robert Pitts
The computing power requirements for such transport would be "mind-blowing". One can only hope that Macs are the computers of choice...as one would certainly NOT want to see "Fatal Error" or the "blue screen of death" in the middle of a transport operation. :-D
By Willlxx
Just back onto Time Travel for a moment, I was under the impression that although theoretically feasible (according to the really Big Brains out there) we could not travel backwards in time beyond the date of its inception as there has to be both a transmitter and receiver station which as time travel is not yet possible means we could not come back to now??

This is why temporal discussions make my head ache!
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By vortexau
An interesting SF series concerning time travel is the Time Police series by Warren Norwood. Jackson Dubcheck, the protagonist on the run from the corrupt Time Police, keeps getting stranded in Wheeling W.V. by a time eddy, and on visits to Woodstock discovers 'travellers' taking in the festival multiple times!

Also on the subject; it can be interesting to read about John Titor, a purported time traveller from the year 2036. There are quite a number of sites detailing aspects about (or debunking) "John Titor".

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