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By stealthfire258
My idea is that it would be really nice to have a notepad, preferrably water proof to put in the shower, while you are taking a shower. This will enable people to write down things or ideas (whatever they are thinking about, and don't want to forget) while they are in the shower, so they wont forget it later.. if its something important.
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By FlatTop808
A grease pencil and a piece of plexiglas would do the trick. Some toy stores carry a thing called a "grease board" for kids that could fit the purpose. Google it to see what I'm talking about. The only problem might be getting the grease pencil markings off. You may need a good sovent.
By z4roadster
I had this EXACT same idea, in the shower, probably the same place you thought of it. I wanted to make it electronic though, with a touch-sensitive screen and a stylus, like a PDA (waterproof obviously). It would have rechargeable batteries, and a small LED digital clock on the top so you would know what time it was. It would slide out of its case from the top, the case being held to the wall by suction cups on each corner so you wouldn't have to reapply the actual notepad everytime you take it out of the shower. I even drew up a sketch of it already, so if you think this is actually a worthwhile idea, let me know. ;-D
By stephan d
I think ocean divers already use these. :,-(
By Maskone
ya just go to any dive shop.
Pencils work in the water by the way.
By Rishi
Shout 'EUREKA' (There is a precedence for this) and reach for the common lead pencil and write on a matte Mylar drafting film.

As mMaskone says: 'ya just go to any dive shop.
Pencils work in the water by the way.'


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