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By Pascal
Simple, painless: Pay, and download. A supersite covering virtually every Make and Model, with a complete automotive repair E-book detailing the car as a rebuild... Much like the books you buy at the auto parts store. With books costing around 15-20 bux, one could easily charge $10 for E-books. There is nothing like this on the Internet today, even Chilton's Online only has these stupid interactive CD's you can order... Who cares, who wants to wait 2-4 weeks when the car is sitting in the driveway, broken? Keep it small, under 5 megs, hell, use Adobe format if you must. Trust me, and if you don't believe me, try and find, sometime, how to replace a throttle cable on a 1988 Thunderbird LX... You'll see what I mean, it's just not possible.

P.S.: Not for the feeble-minded, a site like this would take a *ton* of work.
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By Michael D. Grissom
A company in Cary, NC is working on Automotive Repair E-books with full animations and graphics. It's being written in Excel. Currently planned name is "AutoCopWizard" but they are certain they will find a better name. I don't remember the name of the company but they plan to market it through Wal Mart. The bad news is that, ahem,... Microsoft just became involved with this huge project. BTW, all this started in a small gas station converted to an auto repair business in downtown Cary.

This is a great idea that's been dying to happen since computers got fast enough to do it. I do all my own auto repairs and can't wait to download the first version that covers my 1909 Pierce Arrow! :-P
By adam-inc
A friend of mine wants me to develop a site like this, as I am a web developer, and a car enthusiast, I would be more than willing to develop a site like this, but I dont have the money to back it up, so it would take me a lot longer to develop such a site because I would have to scour the net looking for information, if you people still want a site like this (and it hasnt already been done) I will get to work on it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Sorry about the 7 month delay but, your response never popped into my email. If you're still monitoring CP and want to contact the "AutoCopWizard" group (they did find a better name -- just can't remember it right now) then I'll get the email address for you. Just remember, they want is all done in Excel -- probably because it is what the inventor teaches at NCSU. Last I heard they had found a 16 year old kid that was outperforming any college student he has ever had but I don't know how that worked out.
By Champy
I know of a website for Cummins diesel engines that already has all this service content. It has troubleshooting manuals, maintenance guides, parts catalogs, operation manuals; etc.. for every Cummins engine built since 1960.

1 Engine view is free; 5 engines costs some $$'s
By PBShop
but you can go to Alldata and purchase a diy subscription, which I think is about 15.00 a year for one vehicle, and then each additional is slightly less.
It's not a book but it contains everything a manual does, plus alot more like TSBs, cost of many parts for the job, labor times, diagrams, and it is updated all the time with new information.
We use alldata for professionals at our auto shop, as do many others, and it has all the vehicles, but it is more.

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