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By James Molens
Gasoline is one of the famous fuels known to man. Ever since those internal combustion engines have been invented, gasoline and other types are surely the fuel. We all know that the price for these fuels is expensive, and I have a brilliant idea using the ordinary H2O (water) which is so abundant in the planet to be the fuel of these engines.<br><br>How?... We all know that the sun is using hydrogen to burn as its fuel and the most simple way to extract hydrogen from water is through electrolysis. All you need is a chamber or cell where you put the fuel in, and anode and cathode plates. Using the battery as your power supply, you could create a hydrogen generator which will be connected to your car's carborator. The only risk you could encounter is over-pressure, but using a simple electronic circuit to control the pressure will do. All you need is an electronic pressure gauge to monitor and control the battery supply connected in series with your plates. The battery is also connected to the alternator of the car so that it could be recharged when the engine is running, but you will need a seperate battery for the lights and other applications. An ordinary 12 V DC 6 plates wet cell would do the trick.<br><br>Hydrogen has been proven as a fuel for ICE (internal combustion engine) - in fact there are already many hydrogen generators in sell today, only for different purposes and not being applied in cars or ICE.<br><br>It could be a great deal for use having a very cheap fuel...
By Davey C
Electrolysis is an expensive process, especially for the amount needed to power a car. And hydrogen, being the highly explosive gas that it is, would be dangerous to use in a car, a slight mistake and *ka-boom!*

If its such an obvious, easy solution, wouldnt scientists of already thought of it?
By Christian
Scientists have already thought of it. The patents for hydrogen powered cars are currently held by the large petroleum companies so when fossil fuels start running out they can introduce hydrogen power.
The technology is available but the petrol companies are using it as a way of making money once fuel has run out.
In the begining of our gas consumption I'm sure we thought it was a never ending resorce. Whouldn't this happen to water too? I would not want to risk the resorce that sustains all life. :-/

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