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By Bob McCann
When a patrolman pulls over a car, he or she must open the car door and step out into traffic. This is dangerous for the police as well as the inattentive drivers as the car door opens unexpectedly. State troopers should drive cars with the steering wheel (and driver's side door) on the "other side".
By Mark Goodwin
Many years ago my father (who was Dutch) wrote to the UK Royal Mail sugesting that mail Vans should do the same.
By Brian Catt
Better to be able to get out either side, as you can with some delivery vehicles. Just needs a clear path to the near side door for the driver.

A sliding door that doesn't swing out is a good idea
By David Harris
In the U.K. many accidents were caused and people killed by exactly this problem.
Not only to policemen and women.
Better training demonstrated if they were to
park diagonally.
They were at lesser risk but the oncoming traffic could still see their warning lights.
On a lighter note UK police and US police could swap cars. Although the roads here in Scotland may prove to be a mite small to turn round in
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I think it is a good idea. The mail trucks in the US have done this, but only because of the mailbox placement. On the down side I would think the Officer should have as clear a view of the driver stopped as he/she can. Being on the opposite side might hinder this. :^
By pezzman
I think that is a big problem too, maybe there shouldn't be any state troopers, that would fix the problem.

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