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By ncr
Newer processors are larger, faster and consume more power. Power consumption equates largely with heat generation, and keeping them them cool can be a major concern. So my idea is, use this heat generated to keep your coffee warm. Every computer has a coffee cup holder and when you turn on the switch the generated heat is used to keep your coffee warm.

Reward: A first such computer
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By Steve
Cool idea - or should I say hot? ;-D Only obstacle I see is that when the coffee is fresh and hot, it would probably heat the processor (which of course is not desirable). But I'm sure that could be solved somehow? :-?
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By Michael D. Grissom
I have always loved the natural use of wasted energy so, I think this is a really great idea and doable. The only problem to solve is that the heat from the processor heat sink is mixed with the cooling fan air and combined is not hot enough to do the job. You would have to use a thermal separator (like centrifugal) to separate the two and channel only the heat to the coffee. The muffin fan can be easily redesigned to dual as a thermal separator without using any additional power so, it's efficiently doable. The only other factor is that your computer must be working hard to generate enough heat to keep a cup of coffee hot. Word processing won't do. You'll have to play a DVD movie or something similar to accomplish the task. You also have to consider that the hotter you run your processor, the closer you come to failures. So,.. how much do you like hot coffee?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Your prototype is finished. Did you finish the business plan?
The ncr prototype
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By Steve
Wow, that's awesome!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D
Sorry, but could you explain to me in detail, (show me diagrams, theories n whatever not) how you managed to channel the heat generated from the CPU to heat coffee. What device or pipe did you use? How much heat did you manage to channel away from the CPU? Is it almost 100% ? Do you still use CPU coolers to cool the processor?

I'm sorry I asked you such questions, as I need it for my current science project, and I need help. Could you email me your answer to my question at . Thx for your help.
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By Michael D. Grissom
My previous post with the image above was meant to be funny. I agree with Steve in that this would be impractical.

You could use the heat from the processor to PREheat the water going into a coffee maker where it would be fully heated by some other means but I don't think even that would give you enough gains to be practical either.

Search this site for the 'alarm clock squirt gun' project that ended up as a winning science project. There are many other great projects to be found in here - you only need to search a little.

I also responded to your private mail in my inbox about your need for a project.
By ignatiusmael
This is actually just the rebadged Juneau USB *beep* warmer. They recalled it after some ball sweat shorted some of them out and fried some testes. Now they're being marketed as "coffee warmers". Genius!

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