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By ncr
Accidents do happen everywhere and on the Indian highways most of them are hit and run cases where the victim is left at the mercy of any passerby for any help. And many a times the culprits go scot-free because no one noted the license plate number.

Given that there are many processors in modern automobiles, a mechanism could be developed such that the bumpers of the automobiles have 2 port, an input and output port. On the output port the license number of that automobile is constantly advertized. The input port is constantly monitored for the license number of any other automobile which comes in contact. This number could be stored on a EPROM which is located in a relatively safer place of the automobile. With this mechanism not only the culprits of hit and run case could be found but also of that idoit who damaged your car in the parking lot.

Reward: Such a mechanism on my car
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By Michael D. Grissom
WHOA!... mixed emotions here. I love this idea but it would ultimately put my mother, daughter, and one female friend of mine in prison for life without chance of parole. :~(
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By Michael D. Grissom
Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory can be Erased and reProgrammed (changed).

You're probably thinking of a device similar to one that uses a blown diode matrix or the like ---> not reprogrammable.
This is the hottest idea on the site, and in combination with existing global positioning technologies will render it impossible to lose yourself in an automobile. Once the license number is captured, it will identify the car and its identifier chip, and the car can be located instantly.
I agree, this is an excellent idea, and would be even better if it where enacted into international manufacturing guidelines, such as seat belts and airbags. how to make it work though? If the "device" was to be activated on contact, it would have to be based on some sort of proximity concept. In a parking lot or traffic situation you are liable to have at least 2 or 3 other cars in the same proximity zone. would it be a 2 way communication between both autos involved? would you need a wide array of sensors all around the car to detect the impact? If it could be done in a cost effective way this would stop hit and runs and drive offs in parking lots from anyone who wasn't already a complete criminal and more insurance burdens would be shared with both insurance companies.

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