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By mtd28student
I have what I think is an excellent idea. The idea would make the automotive industry a lot safer.

I have sorted out most of the problems associated with the design, but there is one problem that I have been unable to solve and it has been bugging me.
What is I need is method of make a movable dark “spot” on a piece of glass, in various grey scales and variable size. The glass needs to be about 1.7metres x 1 meter.
To make things even harder the when the “spot isn’t activated the glass need to be completely transparent. The glass is curved on one and maybe two axis’s.

One way to do this is to make the whole piece of glass and LCD. This is very expensive, and there is a theoretical maximum to the size of the glass (about 1 square meter)

Any one got any ideas. I have thought about using a beam of polarized light, OLED’s, bendable thin plastic LCD, the list goes on.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Have you considered "HUD" (Heads Up Display) like that already in use on some of the more expensive cars or a holographic spot?

BTW,.. this is my 1st time in Collaboration section. It's really DEAD in here. I think I'll read them all and see what I've been missing. I would think this would be more popular considering its purpose.

I assume you are trying to use the spot to alert a driver to impending danger, direction, movement, and proximity to ambient objects that sometimes go unnoticed and cause accidents?

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