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By Stig Bakke
It's happened to everyone: you're carrying a can of soda, and suddenly have to run to catch a bus. You sit down, open the can... and cola sprays everywhere. The answer? A self-contained gyroscopic soda stabilizer! Put the can in the stabilizer unit, and it will retain its orientation in space, no matter how mush you twist and turn while running.

Reward: The satisfaction of knowing that I have helped to significantly advance the human race.
By Kevin Pritchard
There is actually a simple solution to this! ...just tap the bottom of the can a few times with a pen or sumthin, it makes the bubbles dissapear and makes opening the can a whole lot easier after that big shake-up!
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By Steve
Tried it with a beer can - didn't work. Is it for Coke only?
By lovetta604
O:-) i think its a good idea it saves you getting told of by the bus driver ad getting i all over your school uniform
By lazyboy
pool beer can didnt work *beep* i was hoping not to have both beer stains and puke stains on my clothes not to mention my wet pants in the mourning
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By Michael D. Grissom
I would either open the can and take a few gulps before running for the bus OR take a few minutes one day and practice running without shaking. Human eye-hand coordination would be much better than a bulky gyro which can't do anything for the up and down movements while running OR if you have the choice, buy your drink in a container with a twist-off cap that has the ability to release pressure slowly.

Of course, I fully understand that none of the above is nearly as much fun as spraying everyone on the bus. :-P

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