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By Mr.Phil
How about an electronic device which is attached like a keyring with your keys. It will have a sensor. It will send signals and receive signals. If you have lost your keys you could dial (on your mobile phone) a personal signal number that would transmit to the keyring, causing an alarm to be set off! Or if you lose your phone you could press the keyring button which will activate the alarm on the phone. With a flashlite attached to the keyring as well this could be a handy object.

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By nephilim
you would be in effect sticking a pager on your keyring. i had a car alarm that would page you if it went off similar principle i spose :^
By seif
I had the same thought a few days ago. But it would work best using bluetooth technology on your phone.
Then utilising you phone, you could ask your keychain to ring, or even show its bearing on your phone's screen.
You could use that technology to implant all your stuff with tiny transceivers.
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By cynet
I have a pager watch that I use. If I lose my watch I can call my watch and it will page so I can find it.
By Stewie123
Sry to tell you this but they already have something like that were you attach it to a key ring and what you do when you lose your keys is make a loud nose, like shout or bang something, and it well start beeping. it also has a laser light at the end of it

The kids I baby-sit parent have that
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By Steve
Stewie - please re-read the idea, it's not about reinveting the keyfinder you are referring to. 8-o

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