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By bluegypsophilia
My idea is for an L-shaped pillow as my arm is more comfortable elevated. It would be easier than using two pillows, and could be flipped over for either the left or right-handed.

Reward: free product
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By Michael D. Grissom
Is this "arm pillow" for use at a computer station, while watching TV, while in bed, while driving a car or lunar rover, while... ??? Also, being that pillows are completely flexible, why would it take TWO pillows to elevate one arm.

Please update with a little more detail before my arm falls off. :~(
By beach
I searched around the house until I found an old couch pillow that kept its shape well enough to hold my arm up while sleeping. I can flip over with it for left of right sleeping. When I am through with it, I lay it on top of the bed for decoration as I have covered it with a coordinating pillow case.
By fiabelle
I think they already have them in stores. Also, why not make some for yourself?

You could cut out Ls in material that you chose, then using a sewing machine (or sew by hand- you decide which) sew bottom and sides together.

Leave the top open so you can stuff cotton in(found at craft stores such as Walmart, Ac moore or Micheal's.)

Then sew the top shut..

By xaipe
Ther is currently a pillow on the market, if you dont want to make your own, for breastfeeding mothers who commonly have this problem. It's called The Boppy Pillow I'ts not L-shaped but the idea is the same. (it's actually u-shaped) I used one with all of my newborns and it worked very well :-) .
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