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By jobear
I can't find that these already exist. What we need is a round coaster-like object that can be placed over the heating element that will transfer heat to the pan that is placed on it. It should have a lip around the top to catch anything that gets spilled or boils out of the pan. They should come in different sizes for larger or smaller pans and elements. Anyone who has a smooth cooktop knows they can be a serious pain to keep clean.

Reward: Free Supply of different sizes.
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By FlatTop808
Isn't part of the appeal of a smooth cook top the easy cleaning? Regular use of the cleaning cream and scraper and using the proper cookware should keep it in good shape for a long time. And even boilovers and spills are easier to clean than on conventional electric or gas stoves.
And you'd still have to clean the "coaster".
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By Steve
FlatTop808 wrote:Isn't part of the appeal of a smooth cook top the easy cleaning?

Same question here. I assume that cleaning the round coaster would be a lot more work. :-?
By FreeTigress

I bet he/she is thinking this "coaster" could just be thrown into the dishwasher to clean....

Smooth top cooktops are not that difficult to keep clean.....methinks someone who has that much difficulty keeping one clean either 1) does not know about the special cleaner and scraper or 2) needs a housekeeper


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