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By lswilson
This idea is a method to control unwanted plants, such as pecan trees planted by squirrels,
that crop up each spring among other desirable plants.
First, fill a plastic prescription container 1/2 full with cotton balls.
Pour a small amount of weed killer in the container - enough to drench the
cotton. Prune back the stem of the unwanted plant to 3/4 the length of the prescription bottle,
or approximately 2.5 inches. Turn the prescription bottle upside down and place it over the
stem. The stem should be embedded in the cotton balls.

This is a method I learned from my neighbor for controlling
unwanted trees/shrubs. It helps minimize the amount of chemicals used and
helps avoid killing other plants in the vicinity.

Reward: If a manufacturer makes a product like this, then some samples would be
By bezzy
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