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By Kim Kirkpatrick
Make a device for cars that can signal to the drivers turning right onto a street that people in the left turn lane (across from people turning right) are going to make a U-Turn, not just turn left. I have seen sooo many near misses because drivers don't realize someone is about to make a U-Turn instead of a regular left turn.

Reward: Free car insurance for the rest of my life. I live in California, for goodness sakes!
By will
um, arent U turns illegal anyways, unless specifically appointed
By mamarach
Actually Will, U-turns ARE legal, unless otherwise appointed. At least that's what I was taught in driver's ed many, many years ago.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I'm not sure that I understand the problem Kim. If you are going to make a U-turn in front of the car at your 10~11 oclock position (and across the street that's perpendicular to the one your in), wouldn't you come a lot closer to an accident with that other car when you're making a left turn than you would making a U-Turn? When making the U-turn you WOULDN'T have to cross that perpendicular street that you WOULD have to cross when making the left turn.

Ho Boy! -- this would be the perfect place for a copy/paste image. :~(
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By CycoMage
Love it! I've discussed this W/others before, but I can't remember who brought it up. I would have the signal on both ends of the car, one for the guy making a right/coming head-on toward you, one for the guy behind you, either going straight or turning left, who's driving into your trunk, because he doesn't expect you to be slowing down so much, or even coming to an abrupt halt 'cause the guy makin' the right rolled through the stop-sign. I'm sure that, bein' from Cali, you know what I mean. ;-D
By marathonmom
I am glad to know I am not the only one that thinks this would be a great idea!! I can not tell you how often I have waited and waited to get out of my sub-division only to have traffic finally clear except one car that I think is turning into my I wait a little more...only to find they are making a u-turn and I could have turned too!! If you require a picture to get what I mean let me put it this way. I am at an intersection, waiting to turn left. The street I am turning left on to is divided. There is another car waiting to turn left into my subdivision ( they are on my right). They do not turn left but pull a u-turn. It would be helpful to know that!

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