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By moepontiac
Many people have a big problem with hearing the snoozing of the clock. In addition to this problem we think that they need to create an invention to that matter.

The solution for waking up in the morning would be that people can program their bed at night before going to sleep and instead of the bed waking them up with a sound or music, it starts moving slowly, and little by little the movements become stronger.

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By Michael D. Grissom
There is at least one other topic about this subject on this site. One of the post to one of these relative topics had the bed slowly go vertical rendering the sleeper unable to stay asleep. Almost everybody thought this (what you thought) was a great idea so... that means you're a creative thinker on the right track.
By z4roadster
I'm pretty sure this has already been invented. I had this same general idea a few years ago, and I seem to recall they had an invention like this for deaf people. Since they can't use an alarm clock, their bed would start vibrating whenever they wanted to wake up. Again, this was awhile ago, so my memory could be wrong.....
By MissPlayful
A good idea moepontiac - already invented at least in some forms, eg do a Google search for "vibrating bed" + deaf. Results include "Vibrating alarm clock Awakens user by vibrating bed".
Also vibrating bed smoke alarms.
"There's a whole lotta shakin' going on".
You wouldn't want to be paranoid about the next great earthquake!
By fiabelle
Already has been invented- I have one of these since I'm deaf. Also, some alarm clocks like that have a outlet for a lamp for these who prefer to wake up by lights flashing.

By aarthidhar
Instead of vibrating the bed why dont they shake the person up?
By making the sleepy folks wear a vibrating strap set to shake
ur hands (gently of course) at a preset time.
One advantage is it wakes u up even in the middle of ur afternoon
nap on the chair.
By ashtoo
Yeah, but you could still "snooze" the bed, I guess.
By aarthidhar
I guess they r better left to enjoy their snooze and face "music"
for their sleepiness later!!!
How about a mechnical device (bed attached!!)to empty water on their heads with an attached dryer so that room is dry and person is wide awake. :-b
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