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By cmiller
I just bought a dodge hemi express it's a very nicely built eye catcher. A week ago my father asked me if he could borrow my 24" extention ladder. So I went to load it in my new truck and I found a prob. I could lean it on my tailgate or on the cab. Either way I'm looking at some pretty ugly scratches. So like everyone does I put a rag between the ladder and the cab and tied it down. As I was driving I thought "there's got to be a better way". My truck would look rediculous with a headache rack. So how about a rubber fin on the upper rear of the cab. It would swoop up like a car fin to give it style (not too high), yet rubber so ladders or pipes pose no further prob...

Reward: Better looking hemi / no scratches
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By Steve
Stupid question - what's a car fin? 8-o
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By Michael D. Grissom
In most cities there are companies that specialize in rubber/silicone sheets, rods, and tubing. They always have water-proof adhesive backed sheets of virtually any thickness and texture (and various colors) which can be cut with scissors to any style you prefer and then affixed to your truck top. If you're a good stylist you could design and produce (on your dining room table -- after divorce) attractive styles for the various truck designs and market directly to automotive aftermarket stores. If your idea becomes popular you're talking instant success with minimal capital.

Please disregard all of the above until I've talked to my patent attorney. ;-D

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