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By Steve
There have been a lot of discussions in the last couple of years about "ego shooters" and their bad influence on kids, especially in the context of real-life shootings in various schools.

Why not develop a similar line of games that is just as exciting but less violent? For example, when we were kids we used to try to get into various pop concerts for free - it was very exciting and involved skills like swimming, hiding, jumping, runnig... and of course the ability to analyse a certain situation and try to find the best solution. Why not make a game out of it? The result would be an exciting ego-type game as well, only without dead bodies lying around. The kids would learn something useful for their real life, and I'm sure that there are similar settings that would work just as well.

Reward: Free copy of the game
By Lblitzer
Steve wrote: The kids would learn something useful for their real life

Like how to sneek into concerts for free? I could have sworn that's illegal.
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By Steve
Well remember it's only a game - the part about the learning wouldn't be printed on the package. ;-)
By Lblitzer
Heh, I catch your drift. ;-)

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