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By newbeak
Living in Canada,I thought it would be a good idea to have a fridge that was connected to the great outdoors,so that in the dead of winter,it could be kept cool inside with cold outside air piped through it's interior.This would also keep the inside fresh smelling. I envision a small blower to suck cold air into the fridge,with a return pipe to the outside. The blower would be controlled by the fridge's themostat,so that outdoors air,when cold enough,would take over from the fridge's compressor to keep things cold.
By Rishi
There is a not-for-profit organization called VITA (Volunteers In tTechnical Assistance) in USA, which had published some designs along these lines. It went a little further in that it used the cold of the piled up snow drifts to avoid using the compressor altogether. They also had a design which allowed the solar heat to warm up a pile of rocks under the floor boards, whose warmth was used to heat the house effecting further saving of energy, this time in heating the living area.

An excellent idea.


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