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By opaulo
First "Eco-Civilized Modern Convenience"
please see my patented invention at
The tank is still not in production,
nor the washing machine with the additional
function. I sent this idea into all the
major washing machine manufacturers of
the world, but still non of them gave me
any positive reply. I wish to make known
this idea to the greater public, so that they should know that such a simple and inexpensive solution does exist.
Thank you for your attention.
Paul Ökrös
By Rishi
The problem is that untreated grey water has enough bacteria and nutrients(From phosphates etc in the detergent) to give trouble on storage. This has to be addressed in any reuse scheme.

It willbe cheaper and simpler to have a separate plumbing for the grey water drain, which can go to a sump(If space permits) or a pressure tank connected to the WCs. Then one can avoid washing machine maufacturer's involvement.

By opaulo
Dear Rishi,

The system is updated, and animation films are made in 17 languages (!!) in various length, ranging from 24 seconds to 2 minutes to make the idea known to the largest possible public.
The questions raised in your comment are also handled in the updated version of the solution. The washing water itself and the first rinsing water can be diverted and not directed into the greywater tank. There is also a filtering and disinfecting unit inside the greywater tank to prepare the grey-water for reusing in to flush the toilet. Even Leonardo DiCaprio made a wonderful flash animation entitled Water Planet which can be also viewed on the following websites. The graywater Flash animations can be downloaded and can be freely used by anybody (for educational purposes, etc.) They can be uploaded to any other website of any other user. The grey water animations are very small in size, ranging from 62 KB to 182 KB.
Please visit the following sites:
Thank you vor your attention.
Best regards,
Pal Okros

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