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By midoh
your ideas seem very sound.In particular I like the inspired idea of an abseiling capsule that up to ten people get into.The reason that this is such a good idea is because it eliminates the need for people to have any abseiling experience or expertise.The mechanisms that you've outlined in your post would take care of the abseling techniques. It would be great if we could get a preliminary conceptual drawing /sketch of these ideas.You know the old saw: a picture is worth a thousand words!
:-? :-? Perhaps a design challenge could be launched on the creativity pool?

Midoh ;-D
By Rishi
Dear Midoh,
Abseiling is entirely your idea. I had to look it up in the Reader's Digest Encyclopaedic Dictionary. The capsule itself evolved out of Jules Verne's ' Journey to the Far Side of the Moon'.
I'm a sort of glorified postman in this. Still, a controlled tethered descent will be the safest, easiest and cheapest option. I shall post a sketch. It will be exciting to take it further.

By midoh
Actually abseiling as an idea or technique is generally the preserve of the mountaineering/outdoor adventure fraternity.If they thought I was claiming credit for their stuff they might not be too pleased!
All I might claim credit for is the suggestion of a new application.On it's own. it would probably amount to nothing but thanks to the forum and to other contributers such as yourself Rishi the idea can coalesce with other ideas and build into something much more powerful and creative.
I'm looking forward to seeing the concept design/drawing /sketch. Let your creative juices flow!

By Rishi
Dear midoh,
what I meant was that the lateral thinking involved in shifting a technique used in mountaineering to a concrete hill face was the creative bit. I started on the sketch today but urgent work intervened and I could not complete it. Shall put it up in a day or two.

By midoh
;-) Not to worrt rishi,I've done something myself in the meantime.It will be posted up soon (2 heads better than 1!)
Hope you like it
By snowmonkey
simple solution: Metropolitan areas need to keep a reasonable supply of the big inflatable balloons that stuntmen jump onto.
By Jack Nobbz
you designed a lift. we have lifts.
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By Steve
Jack Nobbz wrote:you designed a lift. we have lifts.

Jack, read the initial post. When the planes hit the WTC, all the lifts were unusable. What midoh and Rishi came up with is a totally different matter.

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