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By cheryl brown
we english are said to talk about the weather ,well i think the rain we so often complain about is a wonderful way to get inspired .I went to an exhibition locally on rain . The noises that rain makes as it flows along the gullies and drain pipes is intersting to listen to in an art about rain exhibition.It drips it gurgles, it tinkles,then there 's the images of clouds in puddles ,and as the rain falls the ripples expand spiral outward,disappear.
It took me an exhibition to appreciate the wet weather.I think we could see more exhibits on the things we take for granted.

Reward: we are able to see beauty in the wettest day.
By lovetta604
im english and i agree with you it would be good
By ar
Well, 8-o I think you're right!!! we , humans often take for granted thinks that are essential for us to survive this chaotic world we're liv'n. I'm so lucky there are people like you who appreciate the beauty of RAIN. Keep it up!!!
By Jim10
Yes, Cheryl, the sights and sounds of nature are awe inspiring. And there are already wonder nature tapes available...rain forests, ocean waves crashing, streams gurgling, etc. A fairly simple way of bringing nature indoors is to place a mic ouside ones house and pipe the sounds indoors. I know there are web sites devoted to spy cams...any that provide sound as well. One could hear birds chirping from the White House front yard. Jim.

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