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By Scripter
People emotionally judge distance in the context of their walking speed which is something on the order of 4.4 ft/sec. They drive like maniacs to gain an advantage of 100 yards which is a actual time gain of 3.4 seconds and not the 68.18 seconds that they emotionally equate 100 yards with. I would like to see an educational program which relates dangerous manuvers to the pitiful moments they might save and contrasts this with the real risk to life, limb and lawsuits. I am a former chauffeur from Beverly Hills and I get around fast and safely. In fact, I often pull up next to one of these maniacs about 5-8 seconds after they reach a red light.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think drivers should be tested like pilots. Each level of competency determines which lanes you qualify to drive in. The lowest level may not drive on a freeway. A driving simulator (like flight simulator) would be used to emulate all the most common accident causing driving situations. Age, experience in miles (like pilots log time), accidents, and points on license would all be mitigating factors.

Nope,... on second thought -- too complicated so,...
everybody just go buy a gun and put it under your seat.

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