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By tigerfire0013
This is what the flyer would read:

Hoverworld is your place for futuristic fun. At Hoverworld, we provide our customers with the best indoor hoverpark available.
Our floors are lined with the finest negatively-charged magnets, giving you and your board a full four inches of anti-gravity freedom. With safety a big concern on the minds of many, we have covered our floors with high quality wrestling-type mats to ensure safe impact absorption. As an extra precaution we have hired two trained “lifeguards” to keep our ‘boarders safe.
In order to ‘board, you must rent the required equipment. Your board, which comes in several shapes and sizes, and bind ‘Tachers which snap onto your own shoes will be required rentals. A special helmet is also required and must be rented. ALL OUTSIDE BOARDS, ‘TACHERS, AND HELMETS ARE PROHIBITED.
How do our boards work? When you have two negatively charged magnets near each other, they repel one another. With that in mind, our boards are lined with special negatively charged magnets which “hover” over our massive negatively charged other magnet (the floor). This is the basis behind our business, and your fun.
The park holds Hoverball and Hovertag every Wednesday and Friday night. Hoverball is a fast paced, furious game with rules very similar to hockey, but riders carry a six-pound rubber ball. Pads are provided with the price of admission. Hovertag is a fast, but non-contact race game where players “tag” each other with “guns”, causing the tagged player to detach from their board and tumble to the mats (safely).
Hoverworld’s ever-popular races are held every Saturday night. Those who enter in the race, and pass the trials, race for free and compete for cash prizes (dependant upon how many fans attend the race.) During race tournaments, entrants will be required to provide their own propulsion system. Our races are open to all ages, but remember that Hoverworld is strictly BOARD AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Hoverworld contains all the ramps, pipes, and air-propelled speed lanes you can imagine. As you first enter, you will get the feeling that you’re really in the 21st century. Because Hoverworld will only allow a certain number of ‘boarders in the park area at one time, you can be assured the true freedom to trick out your best or just casually float around and take in the beauty that total freedom of gravity really is.
We at Hoverworld understand how important it is that fun and sport change as our world does. Don’t be become a slave to gravity. Defy it.

email me if you want to collaborate on this.

Reward: Partnership? Lifetime passes?
By Capitila
*Twitch* 0.o
And heres me thinking the idea was original, gah.
I had the exact same idea, except the indoor part and the mats. I wasnt really sure if the magnets would work though, using small magnets they repel but not in any balanced way, maybe with the weight... who knows, youd have to actually make it i suppose.... Good luck. ^_^
By Rishi
There is a South Pole and a North pole in magnets. Not exactly Negative and Positive. Like poles repel while unlike poles attract. If two like poles are powerful enough they can repel even with a considerable weight on.

The catch is that one cannot have a single pole. The floor can be, say, South pole with the North pole below that. But the Board will have South pole at the bottom, and an equally powerful NORTH POLE on the top. What will happen is that the board will instantly flip over and adhere firmly to the floor!

All is not lost though. There is a toy called 'Levitron' (US Patented) manufactured by Fascinations, Seattle, WA, which seems to have solved this problem.

The toy is absolutely fascinaing to anyone interested in physics.
Their site at is worth a visit.

They may be the best ones to collaborate on this project as they have already solved the problem albeit in a small toy of an ounce or so in weight. The toy floats upto four inches above the magnet.

Where I live, the outdoor skateboard park is being closed down cos the kids wont use it when it rains and cos lots of bad guys hang out there to lure kids into bad times...
It about time someone formulated an indoor park the kids would use. It's sad to see so many kids dicing with death in multi-storey carparks and on the streets cos they've nowhere else to learn or practice.
I'm sure this could be a winning small theme park idea... Just work on it to perfect the whole concept.
You could try contacting some councils for their input, and try seeking private finance. EG. Torbay, in Devon, England, has a huge problem with bored, depressed youth...
You could charge a realistic entrance fee, rent out state-of-the-art boards etc- loads of possibilities exist. Do it, or find someone who will!
By icingbase40
Rishi - Thanks for the link "". Cool site for simple yet mindboggling physics work in the toys.

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