The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
By Rishi
Unfortunately that force (As of now) is the gravitational force. THAT is strictly mass dependent. George Gamow talked about a nuclear fluid, which is composed entirely of nuclei shorn of all electrons. That theoretically has enormous density. If I remember right a 1cm diameter sphere of this would outweigh the earth. If you could carry this around you can achieve your ends.

By The_Wise
Actually a really really really really strong magnet could attract non ferromagnetic things. You and I, and everything around us is very A classic example is liquidfied oxygen; it is attracted to anything magnetic (diamagentic).

Check this site for some neat pictures of levittating water and frogs!
By Rishi
It is more like the high magnetic field is repelling the frog etc.
Still an extremely interesting site.

Thank you The_Wise.

By shankitr
I received via SMS the following:

Gravity is a MYTH, actually the earth SUCKS!!!!!!!! hahahahaha


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