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Hot packs exist already, but they keep food warm for a limited amount of time. A battery operated heater embedded in the bottom of the lunchbox will enable to warm the food whenever required.

Reward: Hot packs like this
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By Michael D. Grissom
This will probably be a 'must have' in the future when battery technology should be drastically improved. For now, a battery big enough to do what you want would weigh about the same as a house brick. Next time you go to the mall try picking up a cordless iron that uses batteries -- not the newer one that uses a super capacitor.
By sevenizm
The lunchbox must be rechargable. Take it home plug it up and let it recharge. Or after you eat your lunch recharge it @ work and bring it home fully charged.

Also, you know if it can keep food warm, it must have a compartment to keep some food and drinks cool. Maybe it doesn't have to keep the whole lunchbox warm, just the compartment where the warm food is.

Better yet, maybe a storage container that "plugs" into a socket in the lunch box to heat up. In this scenerio the lunchbox is just the battery and the heating element is in the storge container. This modular design allows for different things to be kept warm on different days.

I could go on 4ever with this. Good 1.

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