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By Steve
Cocktails are always nice - but they're usually very sweet, too, and that may not be everyone's taste, at least not for long. Sure you can always throw in a Bloody Mary between two Pina Coladas, but that's about all you can choose from when it comes to salty (or non-sweet) cocktails.

I propose that someone starts opening a bar (chain?) serving cocktails based on vegetable juice. Vegetarian shops offer a wide range of potato juice, red beat juice, etc. but as far as I know the word hasn't been passed on to the cocktail makers yet. The ways to go for now would be to promote it as a speciality bar, but in the long run I would like to see a decent selection of sweet and non-sweet cocktails at the same place.

Reward: Free cocktails!
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By Michael D. Grissom
There's a huge bar/restaurant here in Raleigh, NC USA that does just that Steve. They juice EVERYTHING fresh into cocktails. They even juice the raw sugar cane stalks for sweet drinks. It's a chain so you might find them in New York as well. It must be a great idea because if you don't get there early, you'll be waiting in a very long line outside the door. I don't remember the name (tropical name) right now but it is decorated throughout with palm trees, tropical plants, and white sand. It is my favorite place in town but because it is 20 minutes away, I haven't been there in over a year. NOW!... because you jogged my memory, I'm going back there this Friday. I'll update with the chain name when I get back.
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By Steve
Michael D. Grissom wrote:I'll update with the chain name when I get back.

Please do so! Would be cool if they do exist in NY. ;-D

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