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By treadair
Here's a quick idea someone could make some money off of. The paper that comes on hangers from the cleaners is called a cape. People seem to like the fresh scent that fabric softeners add to their clothes so cleaners could offer scented caped hangers as an optional item. That way the scent would stay with the clothes a lot longer. (There could be other scents too, but you probably wouldn't want to mix too many of them together in one closet.)

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By Steve
Hm... I've never used cleaners. ;-) Do the clothes come in a paper wrapper, or is it just a strip of scented paper the cleaners put on the hanger (much like the infamous scented thingee some people hang on the rear view mirror in their cars)?
By treadair
Caped hangers have a piece of paper that covers most of the frame (except the handle). Several hangers are usually then tied together with a twistie (at the cheaper cleaners) and then covered in a plastic wrap. The cape paper is what would be scented. Having worked at a hanger manufacturer for a couple of years and run the idea by the marketing director I know it's quite feasible. We just couldn't compete with the Chinese manufacturers long enough to turn it into a product.

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