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By grace
Not all dating and relationship can be learned from school but you can also learn from other friends.
By grace
Not all dating and relationship can be learned from school but you can also learn from other friends.
By aquemirrylle
"Do not speak to, date, sleep with, or marry men who can't keep their own "Al" locked up. Let them die alone so their shoddy genes will die with them and be lost forever."
Sex chould be done at the right place, time and person. Shoot very well.
*Shakespear in love*
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By Michael D. Grissom
I know this will sound really strange but I believe it to be absolutely true: smell the hair on his/her head in it's absolutely natural state. From experience it's my guess that roughly 95% won't smell quite right. If the smell is irresistable (and mutual) which is extremely rare -- buy the ring.
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By Steve
How do you get to smell the hair of a girl in its natural state unless you already bought the ring? 8-o
By midoh
The best & truest bit of relationship advice I've come across so far is:"If ya wanna meet the Prince/Pricesses ya gotta kiss some frogs/toads! :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B
By veap
why would anyone teach that?a relationship between two people is unique and although one might wish it there are no laws /rules/ that do govern i think one should learn as they do through trial and error.where i come from we do not even talk about sex to anyone who is older than you and is your relative let alone teachers and there is no such thing as a girlfriend/lover sex is said to be married people.and if you want a girl you go to talk to her parents if they agree she is all yours!!!!!
P.S, WE NOT IN TIME WARP!!!!!!!!!11
By ActorLawyer19
I like your idea.

Check out mine.

Post name: Self-Sustaining Prison Reform

Located in 'The Sea Of Chaos"
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By Michael D. Grissom
ActorLawyer19 <--- you didn't mention WHICH idea you liked.

I'll check out your Sea of Chaos idea on Self Sustaining Prison Reform -- sounds interesting.
By Deceptive Geko
Ok: To the jerk who thinks all men are al bundy:

Your wrong. I agree with you that most men are jerks. That does not imply all men are jerks. People should not make cruel assumptions like that. That's why in my country, America, we have laws that protect people from hate, predjudice, and biggotry.


I don't belive you can learn how to date. People are all different and have different tastes. What one may interpret as flirting the other might interpret as something else. Of course there are definatley some things you just shouldn't do when trying to get a date, like sexually harrass someone, or touch them without asking. I think though that it is a parent's job to show their kids what not to do around the opposite sex... not the school's.
By Dona
I don't think she said all men are jerks, just that women should avoid the ones that are jerks. While she may sound a bit extreme, she does have a valid point. Men would behave better if women would stop tolerating bad behavior. Forturnately, there are some men who were taught at a young age by their parents to behave kindly and responsibly. And, by the way, there are some women who behave badly too. Smart men avoid them.
By susieq
The only good guys I've ever met are the married ones, so who knows if they're really good or just being nice so they can talk with a woman away from their miserable married life! Sorry guys, but I am a bit biased right now because the father of my son is the biggest 'bleep'off I've ever known. He is making my son and I's lives so miserable I'm actually contemplating fleeing the country! :-? :-P

Anyways, I read an article a while back that had me thinking about a great idea for a gift for couples getting married. It said the absolute best wedding gift would be a marriage counseling class or seminar. They say, not only will it open up each other more, but add for a much more creative, loving, and long life together.

God help me if I ever get married, but if I do, just shoot me first cause I've obviously went brain dead!!!!!! :*)

By A_Guy_Outta_Ideas
I have to say that some problems of marriage would be solved if people wouldn't have sex before marriage because that right there is a big mistake. You're (at risk, of) bearing a child before the parents can decide if they will really spend the rest of their lives together. Sex does not help your relationship before you are married it works when you are married.
This may not solve everything but this will probably eliminate quite a few problems. I also agree that while many men are jerks, there are some who are okay I should know, I am one after all.
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By magicat
I agree that many people can be jerks. The problem is that many of the worst ones are the ones that hide it best. :-P
By acefreak
great idea, but i feel there are so many different views on what "gets a girl." Everyone feels differently and this would practically defy the laws of nature, its called trial and error!!!

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