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By Uncle Quentin
Haven't seen these anywhere yet, but don't know why. Make a pizza base the usual way, but add a small amount of sugar. After it has written, lay dried fruit like dates, apricots (or fresh, if not too watery eg cherries, sliced peaches, grapes), grate dark and light chocolate over, and use a white mild cheese like English wensleydale or Welsh caerphilly, or Italian ricotta or mascarpone. Bake 10 mins and enjoy.

Reward: Respect.
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By Steve
I must be crazy - I got a new user, and first thing I do I dump his submission into the waste basin... :~(

Anyway, it's my dad's fault: He's the one who used to make plumb pie from pizza dough when I was a child. Not to forget the pizzeria that's right around the corner from where I live now: I didn't ask them to put fruit salad on their "Pizza Macedonia", did I?

Nonetheless, facing those facts, "Sweet pizza" isn't more revolutionary than pea soup with mustard or a hamburger with an extra slice of tomato. :-D

It's a cruel world... :,-(

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