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By AaronBurns
Have you heard of rum and Coke or 7-Up and Gin? Well, we can use any Soda Pop in mixed drink form and sell them in grocery stores. Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Seltzer Water or any Soda Pop.

We could also add mixed drinks to the store shelves. Anything from the bars can be canned and in the stores ready to drink. Martinis, The Perfect Manhattan or any drink. Who wants to be in a smokey bar with a bunch of drunks when you can be around your own family and drink? Safer and no driving involved.

Some day we can have gel capsules to drop into our pop to make it taste or actually be alcoholic depending on what is in the gel cap. Maybe just the alcohol taste itself.

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By Steve
I've seen this with Coke & Bourbon, but getting Long Island Ice Tea from the bottle/can would be cool! ;-D
By Daryl666
I've deffinatly seen this with Rum & Coke and the only problem is that you cant really control the ratio of Soda to Booze some people like it light and some people like to have it knock em right off their seat. the only way arround it is to make different variations of the same drink like light, regular and extra strength "for the tough days"
By Ideamonger
I hate to burst your bubble but this already exists. There are drinks sold in 8 oz. cans all over the West Coast called the Club. They make about 20 different mixed drinks from Vodka Martinis to Brass Monkeys to Long Island Iced Teas. They range in alcohol content from 12-22% and most of them are quite tasty. Having diffferent strengths would definitely be an improvement over the current product.

Due to copyright laws, it would be illegal to sell Bacardi & Coke or 7-up & gin. If someone were to produce both the soft drink and the spirit themselves then they could sell the mixture.

I think the true answer lies in the formulation of gel capsules that we can mix into our drinks. But that is the topic of another of AaronBurns posts: Hard Alcohol Flavored Non-Alcoholic drinks.
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By Michael D. Grissom
AaronBurns - you are rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters in the entire world! Someday I hope we can sit down at a bar together, crack open two of my automatic self-REsealing aluminum can tops, and guzzle down a killer 90 proof Aaron Island Ice Tea. ;-D ;-D ;-D

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