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By AaronBurns
A Gel or Hair Spray that makes your hair waterproof so you would not need an umbrella or hat in the rain or snow. It wouldn't have to be stiff and it could be a styling product or just an additive.

If it doesn't get wet then you can retain all the heat on your head (your main hot spot of your body). Great for outdoor winter work or recreation like hiking or skiing.

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By Batch
Just saw an add on the TV for a similar idea, I think they were marketing it as slightly water proof for going to clubs or getting sweaty or something.
They must be making a fortune....
By Bubbles
not need an umbrella? the point of an umbrella is to keep your entire body dry, not just your hair. i dont think your mates would take much notice of what your hair looks like, because you are SATURATED from the rain.[/quote]

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