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By AaronBurns
Now you can have that wet look all day long. This brand new product is a shampoo and a hair gel that lets your hair stay with the freshly wet showered look. It cleans your hair and scalp but looks great when you get out. Saving valuable time applying that hair product after a shower. You can ever style with it or anything else you want to do to your hair after bath or shower. You can dry it with your dryer to style.

You put it in during a bath or shower and only comes out with soap.
If you have ever put hair spray on wet hair, then you would know that it stays wet looking all day.

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By Steve
I've noticed a potential problem with this one (at last one of Aaron's ideas that isn't perfect ;-) ). How would you get rid of the gel in the evening? Obviously, you can't wash it out, because if you could, the whole product wouldn't work in the first place. :-b
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By AaronBurns
The product would eventually wear off like most products that don't hold all day.
It's kind of a timing thing. It last like about 8 to 10 hours then fades away. No permanent forever thing like super glue but, more like an additive that has a certain amount of staying time.
Sorry, I should have been more specific and detailed in my explaination of the product.
Sometimes I keep the descriptions short so that the reader doesn't get eye strain or burnt retinas.
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By Steve
AaronBurns wrote:Sometimes I keep the descriptions short so that the reader doesn't get eye strain or burnt retinas.

That's great thinking! ;-D Anyway, you're not pushing the limits, so if you want to extend your average description by a sentence or two, feel free. ;-)

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