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By AaronBurns
Post-It-Note Glue Pen that makes any paper, or surface, a Post-It-Note or stick and restick quality property. You can vitually turn anything into a Post-It-Note. Everything from the grocery list to home work art project, from your kids, ready to stick to the refrigerator without fear of ripping the paper or whatever it is made from. All you need is to rub the pen across the surface. You can even make your old Post-It-Note sticky again.

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By Steve
Awesome idea! ;-D
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By AaronBurns
I think I am getting to like Steve the Life Guard.
He's definitely on my good side and always has the right questions and responses.
So, Thanks! ;-D
By Baker29
This already has been invented, I have seen it in stores. Basically its a glue stick (like lipstick), and you can rub the glue onto any surface so that the item will then stick.

Great Idea, but someone else thought of it first.
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By AaronBurns
I took art in college and we used glue sticks that act as glue.
This is a totally different type of glue stick that gives us the properties and uses of a Post-It-Note where you have multiple stick and restick qualities.
A simple glue stick has only one purpose and that is to permanently stick two things together forever.
Please reread the description and understand the difference.
By treadair
I agree with Aaron. This idea is different than a gluestick. Gluesticks are a lot more permanent for one thing.
By Baker29
Ah, I guess I missed that point. :-/

The reusable quality would be nice, so... ;-D
By 4mla1fn
was googling today (which is how if found this group) for post-it note glue and found this:

search on the page for "post-it". i haven't used the product but if i don't find anything better soon, i'll give it a shot. peace.
By Bubbles
if only you had walked down to you local stationary shop and had a look at all the nifty little glue sticks you wouldnt be waisting you time putting it on this site.

ps, the all blacks rock!!!!! ;-D
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By AaronBurns
It's not a glue stick [...]!!!!
It has a specific, unique quality.
Forget the word "GLUE" [...].
Re-read the entire topic and try and [...] comprehend something besides "Duh, Glue is too stick things together!"

[Post edited by Steve - please keep it civil, guys! :-b ]
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By AaronBurns
There are re-useable, re-stickable, glue sticks, out there.
When, a person, does research, on a product, sometimes things are hard to find.
The stationary stores where I live, most likely, only stock, popular, general use, types, of glue (Stick form or, not).
When we try to come up with an idea we, do not travel the World looking for it and we are, sometimes, limited in our on-line searches.
I did not copy this idea, too my credit, but, it has come too my attention that it is available, too me, on-line. (A grave disappointment, too me.)
But, lets not, over do, the extreme punishment and on-line flogging that goes on here.
We are a group of people, helping one another, in an idea forum, discussion group to, achieve not, too destroy, one another.
My apoligies.
I guess my idea was a good one, after all. But, all ready done.
So, who's smarter, The person knocking me for, the idea or, me, for coming up with an idea that, is of, immense importance?
My product was, in the creativity pool because, I and the owner of this Web Site, Steve, the Web Master, did not, find it, any where else.
I take back my insults and try too be a better example of taking positive critisism, in the immediate future. Like, starting, now.
Again, I am sorry that I insulted people and that my products came just short of a global market of certain products available too me.
Just remember. We are not trying to copy anyone and when, we don't see an item being popularized in society we, add it as quickly as we can just, too be first but, sometimes one of 6 Billion of people, on the planet, have had, the same thought, most likely, before you or I.
So, I should be forgiven for my transgression into, deprivity and ultimate, insulting, attack.
We, will all, stay in control.
My last statement is this, I had not been watching the replies to my product and therefore, did not, respond correctly. I, then, promptly, looked over the replies and realized the truth. The product has been made, all ready, which, is my greatest disapointment and wish no further hurt towards the ultimate end which, is harm so, you can understand my harshness towards you for, the negativity I percieved from your last reply. ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
By Bubbles
hi aaron

im sorry if i offended you with my message, but dont start opologising for you message. i wasnt the least bit offended by it, in fact i cracked up laughing when i read it. i was laughing because you had taken the time and effort to write me not one message, but two messages just to tell someone who you had never seen before that they anoyed you. after re-reading it i see that you did have a valid point. good work. in the mighty country of new zealand we have a bit of a 'she'l be right' attitude that causes us to be a tad blunt when it comes to voicing our opinion. on another note alltogether you can get pens that have a postit note despenser built in, not what you had in mind i know but it was the closest thing to what you said.

keep up the good work ;-D
By sneezyalex
Nice Idea! ;-D

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