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By lovetta604
If you want your kid to be individual then when it's born put the baby's head in a mold and you can change the shape of its head it's been done with eggs so why not with babies.

It sounds cruel and it more than likely wouldn't work but it would be fun wouldn't it you could have a star shaped head.

Reward: nothing its just a 14 yr olds idea
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By Steve
Hm, the only difference is that there's no egg-white in your head. Guess this one's only for parents who also want their kid to have an "individual" brain... %-6
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By lovetta604
look its just an idea a bit of fun you should try having some one day
By ladeetennsoccer
im sorry but that just is wierd b/c i mean your going to smother tha poor thing my gosh! i mean eggs dont breath... :-B :*)
By Mentalcase
Wow what a great idea! Our orginization would love to speak to you privatly about your 'idea'. Contact us at
By lazyboy
dude you need help you need to redirect your anger about being a older sibling its not cool to hate your younger brothers or sisters plus look at what happen to micheal jackson and what his older bros did to him man that really sucks ;-D
By lovetta604
actually im an only child
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hey,... does this mean that I can make my kid look like Elvis?
By stephan d
I don't think it's a bad idea, my head is large and oddly shapen. Oh well, at least it's semetrical. ;-D

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