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By AaronBurns
Using the same formula as is used when making hot dog or hamburger buns, you could make a multi-use loaf of standard looking bread but, with the hot dog hamburger formula and add in all that is needed to make the loaf of square bread work with hamburgers and hot dogs at the same time. You know that when we shop for bread we usually buy the regular kind and forget the hot dog and hamburger buns then we use the regular bread for hot dogs and hamburgers. Why not make all buns in loaves of bread that you could make everything out of from peanut butter and jelly to hamburgers. One type of standard loaf of bread with the hot dog and hamburger formula that would work with any sandwhich or anything else you would use bread for. More convienent than buying a bunch of buns and regular bread and it would save money and time and storage space. Hot dog and hamburger buns are expensive. We need to combine breads. We could use different hot dog and hamburger bun recipes and have dark or white or rye or any kind of bread/bun.

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