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By Romeo Liney
Ever watch a soccer game where by the 28th minute you just knew there wouldn't be any goals scored that day? You could see it in some games in the world cup - in some games, both teams were so scared of being scored upon that they only attacked with one man, who had to deal with ten defenders. Boring!

My idea is to introduce goals that slowly become larger, maybe a foot in width and heigth per five minutes, in the second half of scoreless games. Late in the game, those huge goals will look so tempting and be so easy to score on that the fans will see lots and lots of goals. Wouldn't that be great?

Reward: $9 (ok, free match tickets would do as well, as long as they go with free peanuts).
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By Steve
Another approach would be to make the ball smaller...

Hm, just imagine: Only five more minutes to go, and 22 grownup men crawling on the ground looking for a shrinking ball in the high grass. There probably wouldn't be more goals, but it would definitely be a lot of fun! ;-D
By lovetta604
wot if they went into extra time is there a lmit on how far they go ;-D

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