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By waiao
Taking off and putting on bras for either sex may be an arduous task. My idea is for a bra that uses very thin magnetic strips to hold a bra together.

Reward: Free pairs for my girlfriend.
By amba
it's a good idea but you can tell it was invented by a man as they are the ones who mainly have problems with bra straps.the current method really is'nt that difficult to get your head round,it's a simple hook and eye mechanism, if women can do it with thier hands round the back of thier backs why cant you? A magnet may be good but it would have to be very strong so your bra would'nt come off when your coughing ,breathing deeply,generally moving about e.t.c and if it's that strong it may be difficult for the women to get off herself.I think bra straps are fine as they are "if it's not broke why fix it".Men you'll just have to learn it really is'nt rocket science!
By amba
You can tell this invetion was invented by a man! its a good idea but what is wrong with the exsisting method it really is'nt that difficult to get your head round .I's a simple hook and eye mechanism,if women can do it with thier hands behind thier backs why can't men?The magna bra would be good for men but the magnet would have to be strong enough to stop it from coming undone when the wearer is moving about,coughing,breathing deeply e.t.c and if it's that strong it may be difficult for the woman to get off herself. i think bra's are fine as they are "if it's not broke why fix it".Men you'll just have to persavere it really is'nt rocket science!(although i bet the men who created rockets had difficulties with their wifes bra's.)
By amba
sorry my computors acting up thats why i did the message twice!
By waiao
indeed, this invention was thought up by a man, a roommate of mine. we were joking about bras, and a certain seinfeld episode, and this idea is what manifested. nonetheless, it still seems like a funny idea, mainly because a guy (in this case a perverted one) can walk up with two magnets, repel the opposite ones attached to the bra (given they are also strong enough, if not stronger), and detach a woman's bra. the idea is crude yet funny, but was no more than that. do you have any serious ideas you would like to really talk about? we're still searching for the million dollar idea, maybe 2 million, but what humble person needs that much money?
By nizam
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By magicat
nizam... you're weird.
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By Cutiepie!13
well, there is a problem to your idea.
if the magnets were not strong enough, the magnetic bond could fail when the woman is coughing or doing anything that expands the rib cage/chest.
then there would be the hassle of attaching the magnets again incognito.

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