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By totalnympho
No need for belts anymore! With an ingenious device fitted directly into your waist on any pair of trousers. The device itself scans your waist to get the optimum tightness of your trousers therefore eradicating the need for belts.
By night_writer
this is a great idea, and there is somewhere someone who is probably working on the mechanics of this idea. I envision pullys, hidden wires, tension measuring devices, abdominal and intestinal function sensors, and microwave rechargable, heavy duty batteries. I think I have actually acquired a pair of these pants! I didn't get a chance to charge the batteries on the pants before if went out for the evening, so it was quite a surprise when I found another way to actuate the waist tightening properties of the pants. It was in the lowly Macdonalds 1/4 pounder with cheeze. after a month of these babies, my pants tightened so much, I had to get new ones!! I will not tell anybody about this fact though, because I think you deserve a chance to work on your invention without interference from me. Good luck ;-D

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