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By patrick95
My idea is similar to one posted on here about reverse recipes.It was an idea on how type the ingrediants you have into a computer program and it would come up with the recipes for the foods you can make. My idea is for picky eaters.Being a picky eater, it is hard for me to eat healthy, so many pasta's, salads, stews, soups and spreads have an ingrediant in it that I don't like. An example, I hate miraclewhip, if it has miracle whip in it , I wont eat it. The program I'd like to see, would have a cheklist of all meats, vegetables cooked, and vegetables raw, herbs and spices. You would go through the list and checkmark all the ingredients you like. Then the program would come up with recipes that you would likely enjoy.Maybe it could list the recipes in order from healthiest to unhealthy. I will continue to eat hamburgers and french fries untill something like this exists.
By jacobpatrick
i think this idea has amazing marketing potential.
if you get it on the internet and markket it properly you could be onto a winner.

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