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By Janfitc
Wouldn't it be great if the whole of humanity could recognize that all humans (and not limiting ourselves there, but really all things/everything) are equally important? What if we stripped away the notions race, gender, class and began viewing EVERYONE as people? Hey, this idea (as far fetched as it is) could be extended so as to start fedding the MILLIONS of starving people, providing medicine to those sick and without, and even provide shelter to those exposed to the elements. Of course this would completely DEMOLISH the need nuclear weapons, Foreign Policy, and terrorism to name a few things - and where would we be without those things? Heaven?

Reward? Peace on Earth.
By 'The One'
You are totally right. Although it is only because the people in power in this world don't truly believe so, even though they say they do. If everyone basically thought like this then it would be the end for the biggest problems in the world. People, if we all thought of each other as a part of ourselves (which I believe we are because we are all human, only that humans were in different parts of the world to begin with), then we would do all that we can to preserve each other.

Let's just pray that a new kind of Messiah person appears one day and that EVERYONE is convinced of this. (In fact, are you the Messiah?

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