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By Enigma
Hello all I'm new here, so bear with me. After much trial and error utilizing my clients as willing test subjects; I've come up with a verrry good topical application that helps contol psoraisis and eczema. There are many prescriptive and over the counter treatments out there, but through many of my clients I heard nothing but complaints. I also have a problem with the over use of steroids as a treatment for numerous disorders including the previously mentioned systemic skin problems. What I've come up with is organic, hypo-allergenic, and maintains the skins acid mantle. How can I get help in producing this at a lower cost and getting it on the market? I've been making it myself for select clients, but the ingredients are rather expensive. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance, Enigma O:-)
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By Enigma
Question... Several of the ingredients I use are a bit grainy and don't dissolve completely. Any suggestions to make them more soluble? Currently the base I use is distilled water. If I were to put it in a cream form, what would a good base be that wouldn't clog pores or cause irritation. Most everything else utilizes petroleum and/or animal by-products; neither of which I'll use. The pH has to be stable at 4.5 to 5.5, but I'll settle for a neutral pH to start. Suggestions much appreciated ;-D ~Enigma
By The_Wise
If I knew the composition of the granular material, I able to work out a good chemical solvent for your need. MSG me is you want it confidental.

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