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By najr
I hate clothes shopping.

Buying over the internet would be a good solution but there is the disadvantage of not being able to try stuff on. Ok, you could send stuff back if it didn't fit but that's a hassle.

The solution could be to put your measurements into a computer program that would generate a virtual model of your body. Items from various on-line shops could be dragged into your virtual wardrobe and tried on for size, style, colour, whatever then you can buy in the confidence that the clothes will be exactly what you want (unless you're a woman..... joke!).
By kutibah
You're in luck! They already have that! The links is:

You create a virtual model that looks just like you. Then after that, you can go from their site to other clothe sites such as Sears and much more. Then from there, you can try on clothe and see if it looks good on you. Best of all, it's free! I tried this before and I think it's amazing! You should too.
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By najr
Thanks for that - just what I wanted! I hope it catches on so more shops get in on the act. It's a shame Sears don't send overseas though...... :-?

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