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By AaronBurns
If you die and there is no afterlife then you are not conscious of anything including time itself. So we simply pass through time until the end of time itself taking all things that exist in the universe where all things come to an end. All people, every planet, and the Universe itself will immediately come to an end at the exact time of your death.
If you as the concept of "Me" ever exists in any form or anything else starts and you are involved you instantly comeback.
In other words, you and everyone else dies and comes back instantly at the time of your death and not the death of anything else.
This is an unknown Fact. Prove me wrong.
By jacobpatrick
hi there i realy like this one but could you explain the bit about the concept of me in a bit more detail. thankyou jake
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By AaronBurns
I have actually explained this to many people, in different ways and maybe, I can recall some of them and combine them.
Time will never stop. It continues as a constant for us while, not for the dead but, it is still there or there bodies would not be decomposing as we speak. Time erodes and destroys everything but, never stops, even when all else stops, time goes on. That is what a total complete constant is. We will, simply, be not aware of it passing while others pass through it. It goes on forever (Another constant concept associated with time itself) So, if all things go on, it is like a thousand monkeys typing on a thousand type writers; evetually they will write a number one best seller, just by chance and time. In some trillion years from now, we come back as energy then, we become a flower with fifty foot tall butterflies then, in another trillion years or some time again, in the immediate or far future, we will become conscious of our selves and time within conscious itself. Then, we are again eventually going to exist in some form that is conscious of itself. Much like reincarnation. But, we can never tell when this will happen, only that it has to happen due to the constant (time) which has no end. We just need to find out if there ever was a beggining. Even if there was, there will never be an end to what started, by contemplation of time. All physical things will come to an end, to a point, until very little is left but, eventually what is here will change into another form. WE may or may not loose anything. After all, when we die we turn into energy. Heat and compost. So energy is never lost in any form. That energy will again form a conscious being (You and me) will exist again. But, until we are concious of our selves existing, we simply pass though all things including time itself until then, without consciousness of anything. Including time, death, or anything comprehedable to a brain of any kind. ;-D
By jacobpatrick
excellent answer.
what if the exact pattern of our brain and consciousness is replicated in a different form.
like our nueral pathways by some coincedence was mapped by an arrangement of stars or something.
do you think that would be reincarnation.
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By AaronBurns
We could be mapped and duplicated in many ways and even if our neural pathways were different, we could still retain the original consciousness that, would makes us still us but, in a different form or body.
The same but, different.
By jincubus
I agree with some of this completely... I think. I have a little more to add but I might just be reiterating. Before I respond to this, I would like to say that this idea is just as good as the ideas formed by any religion in our time. To start, I am a complete and utter atheist. My response will reflect that, here it is:

Time is relative to the slow and inevitable decomposition of us in life. Meaning that you perceive time as the passing of moments but this concept is perceived through you. So when you die, like you said, we end our perception of time. Life ends for you, just as you had no life or existence at the time before your birth. You no longer are conscious. The end.

So I understand the part about what happens when you die but I don't understand the part about reincarnation. I also may not have read your post completely as I did not take my ADD medication today. I am really interested in your response.
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By AaronBurns
The Choas Thoery and a thousand monkeys on a thousand type writers.... You will (HAVE) too exist again, as a constant/given.
No questions asks. All things will come to be and come and go and come and go, again.
For us, this just happens instantly, through the concepts of life and death and, like you said; before our life and after it has come to it's end and not the end of eternity as marked by anything, especially something such as time or event but, only ourselves, for someone else to mark with (their) existence.
In other words; it just (has) to happen or we, existence, most likely would never have been, in the first place.
Besides, if there is a definite end that, simply means there was a beginning as well, as another given but, even an end can not last forever, for there is no such thing as nothing. :-D ;-D
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By AaronBurns
Even space itself is a form of matter and not nothing. It holds Planets and all things. It warps and can bend.
Black Holes hold compressed matter which, is probably where all the energy will go until, all Black Holes combine, forming one big Black Hole which, will eventually explode because, it will be too much energy to be held in one spot and the radiation the hole gives of will never release the matter and it will start another universe where, most likely, (WE) will be again. So, if you want to believe in souls, they are simple consciousness itself which, gives us the full concept of (ME) when observed by the observer (YOU). :-B :-B :-B
By jincubus
I'm not sure what you mean by you will have to exist again. How so and in what form?
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By AaronBurns
Since everything goes on (Forever) all things will happen and happen again in some unknown form.
The hard part is figuring out just where our energy will go and what it will turn into.
If we consider the fact that we were just energy, turned into matter when, we were concieved then, we should have our energy back, depending on what form it takes after this life is over.
The real question is why are we and where do we come from in the first place. Then, we ask, where does anything come from.
Now give me your answers and we can both work on this, too completion.
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By AaronBurns
Time, as a true constant, is a man made concept percieved from the passing of events but, it also exist in nature as, a natural phenomenon.
It can be looked at on your watch (Man made) or through age and decomposition and rebirth (Natural form, constant).
So, either way, it exists forever (The other constant).
The reasoning behind this article is the fact that we should only fear the pain of life and the pain of death and not the end, for there is no end for anyone.
Just, new, begginings.
:-o :-o :-o
By Bubbles
Aaron! i cant take it anymore! why are you feeding society such blatant nonsense! im going the set the record straight. :-#

1. there way a definite begining to everything. it was when God created the universe and everything else.

2. there will be a definite end to the universe. it is when the most highly anticipated, and spectacular event the world has ever seen happens. i am talking about the rapture. when Jesus comes back to judge everybody. he will reward faithfull christians and punish sinners.

3. there is no such thing as 'reincarnation' or 'energy that stays with your spirit'. we were put on this earth with a purpose, the meaning to life, so to speek. we were crated to serve and be mates with God.
when we die we go to either hell or heaven. which place we go to depends on not weather we were good on earth, but wether we were christians or not.

i sugest you come along to church or similar faith based activity and see what we are all about. stop spreading christaphobic nonsense, you may incur the wrath of God.
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By AaronBurns
I know that what you say is true but, many haven't the ability to think that way and I am just trying to have them find a sense of peace, outside, of Religion where, they exists with many doubts.
I am college schooled in Theology and attend many different Churches but, if you were to ask all the top men and women of the Religions of the World if, there is life after death for, (Certain) they will tell you that only by faith can you believe and we will find out after word.
They basically say "We are not sure."
I am not trying to change peoples religions just to add to them.
If you fear death or if death comes to you and the next instictive reaction is not faith based and you can have a good back up plan (This one.) then you can comfort yourself until your religion comes back and your faith is renewed. I am talking striclty about the actual event of death itself and not the thoughts we contemplate.
So GOD and JESUS forgive me father for I have sinned.
Was I not trying to help?
No hard feelings but, not everyone has the ability to be religious due to there logic base(A taught and learned imperical, scientific, logical proof.)
We sometimes are left out of Church until, a different World presents itself and we do not mean to be Agnostic or Athiest but, it happens.
I am, actually, quit obcessed with religion and am in many of them now. What I have (IN Biblical terms) is the "Doubting of Thomas".
An unsermountable problem in the belief of mircles or an afterlife with out the experiences to believe in.
It means that faith means imagination and imagination is not real to someone with the problem of the "Doubting of Thomas".
Maybe we should show people the (Effects) we get from religion thereby the experience to believe and Faith will come after the proof.
I am basically ticked off about getting tons of information and no so called "Special Effects" to prove it too me. How am I supposed to believe in a Religion when they speak it instead of showing it too your mind. Prayer, for example. I have been to many churches throught my 34 four years and did anyone show me or even tell me how to pray? Well, the answer and truth is (No). And that goes for Worship and every other parts of any Religion. So, you tell me, out of respect, how to believe when no one wants me too.
And, please, don't tell me I should have too ask.
Yours Respectfully,
P.S. - Maybe some one will help us and not shun us simply for not be helped. Since you live in a great World of Religion and are very happy inside Religion. What I want to let you know is this (Through all my studies). The World outside of Religion is a complete World of hell for all of us who just don't get it. It's not a sinners paradise. It's not fun and we have a harder time getting by. It's not fun. The only thing we can do about our problems is become scientists and fix the problems we find in the World our way so, please understand that I am trying to help.
Now, it is your turn to help us in your way!
Maybe we will finally be happy!
A dawnting task is ahead of you to show and just tell us how to be inside a Religion since we (Out here) are also in Search of truth.
What is true? Thank you for your oppinion. ;-D ;-D ;-D
By sim549
I am a firm believer in god. But I still will never understand why people from the religious sect of society cannot have an open mind to metaphysical ideas? I really enjoy reading upon metaphysics and their different viewpoint on life. In metaphysical terms we are but one in within a "one". That all of our existence is intertwined within one another. That our reality is based upon our strongest beliefs. I like that all I've seen involved in metaphysics so far are positive people who feel self-worth and have purpose in life. Just like most people in the religious society. So why should us religious types even care about some radical form of thinking on the existence issue. Also, Jesus said " I am but one way to get to heaven." in the dead sea scrolls. So their are more ways. Maybe metaphysics is another. It's definately a positive outlook on life and you can never have too much of that. Being that almost all war throughout our existence is religiously involved.

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