The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
By omfgpheermepls
I'd like to see someone invent...



Reward: a million trillion ka billion dollars per gram of unsmelly dog poo.
By jacobpatrick
yeah just feed your dog rose petals an pot pouri
if your he isn't a fussy eater
By Jigsaw
you can

i made it in my school when i was a litlle kid once with
i don't know how you call this , we call it speculoos
it's the brown kinda cooky you get with your coffy
but getting it out of a dog his begind is something else

maybe you should invent some doggy poo deoderant
neutralising the smell

then use some kind of machine to spray just before your coming to walk your dog or something like that
By Peter Mckinlay
Rule one, Never ever feed your dog Pal, dogs in the wild state dont eat horses.

Rule two, Cooked rice with a drop of vitamin A is not that wiffy after doggy processing.
By Highguard01
what if you feed your dog stuff to make it produce higher methane discharges and you could like throw it in a tank that made it like methane to power you hobby or w/e

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