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By treadair
According to Einstein's theories it's possible to build a time machine, with one caveat. You could never go back to a time before the first machine was built. The way around this is simple. Find a machine that was built by someone else (another race). Speaking of time travel, you could create the ultimate time capsule by placing it near the event horizon of a black hole. It would have to give off some kind of signal to let people know it was available for pickup. Maybe that's where SETI should concentrate its efforts - listening for signs of intelligence near black holes instead of listening to all the stars in the sky.
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By AaronBurns
What if you went back in time and built a Time Machine and left plans for more to be built.
Also, I believe he said you would have to travel at light speed to travel through time or use gravity or warps in space. But, doesn't light from an average light bulb or the Sun itself allready travel at light speed. Then we would be flooded by light traveling through time and the Universe would be filled with nothing but light from the past and future.
So light all ready travels through time or Time Travel will never exist.
By mendonca
Assuming if scientists/people have invented time travel in the future,
why aren't they here yet? Hence it implies no one can time travel. period.

By Stax
Who says they aren't here yet? Maybe they already do walk amoung us? There are so many rules and stuff for going back in time, like if you were to change something, Space and Time would change and the future would be a mess. So maybe these people that have gone back in time try to fit in so that no one will notice. And maybe you yourself are somewhere on the other side of the planet from the future because you went back in time.

Sorry, this was the best I could explain it. If you want I'll try to explain it again.

~ Stax
By jacobpatrick
i think einstien said that you could only tavel forward in time.
which would explain why we arent swamped with time travellers.

i think i might be wrong with this one
its alot to get your head round.

and i think he or some other brainy scientist said it might be possible to go back to the time that you left at but not before.
as for the speed of light i think einstien just used light as his constant but knew that you have to travel much faster.

has anyone heard of mu-ons ive heard that there proven to travel back in time?
By jacobpatrick
hey stax maybe the rules say that you can only travel forward in time because, if you go back you are bound to change something.
maybe just going back in its self is enough to cause a butterfly effect that, could change the entire pollitical and enviromental climate.
By 'The One'
Hi guys, I'm sorry to tell you alll this but a number of great scientists may possibly be wrong, simply because if you think about it logically, we live in a physical world where things change over what WE THINK OF as time. Although (Hear me out please), time is only a figment of the imagination because it is not a physical thing. (It is because we think of time as the memory part of our brain).

There is, to be quite honest, enough evidence that many past scientists are wrong, because as humans have developed, so have our brains, and there are many ways to work out what is genuinely possible and what is not, even if we don't know EVERYthing about science. (A lot of people can get lost in the severe amount of unnecessary rubbish that is made up.)

People think of time as a physical thing because it's the only way they can think of to explain how things look different as they get older. Therefore, we only live in the present and there is no physical past OR future, therefore we cannot travel in it. It's only because we have a memory that we think of it as a physical thing.

The only time travel you can do is IN the present with yourself. In other words, the faster you move, the slower everything is to YOU, and the slower YOU are, the faster everything else is.

It's just pure logic. Anyway, it's not very clever to travel back in time as you've mentioned, or to be in the future before anyone else is.

Something which could travel at the speed of light could though be used to go anywhere in the universe quickly though while everything else is at a standstill (or just EXTREMELY slowly), but through time, that's different.

It's up to you what you believe though, of course and I hate to diss old geniuses, but there you have it. What do you think?...
By 'The One'
Of course, I could be totally and absolutely wrong, and just have an inferior, shallow-minded idea...but that's for you to decide. What do you think?...

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