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"No rollerblades in store". But what if you could quickly slip a walking pad onto the wheels of your rollerblades, and negotiate any store, stairs, gravel, etc. Borrowing the design from the skate guards used forever on ice skates, this could save the need for slinging shoes over your shoulder, not to mention a lot of time. The design of "Wheelwalkers" would have to have an angled base so that you could still manage the walking motion in the boot shell of the blades.

Reward: I need new rollerblades (size 14 wide), and wheelwalkers to go with them.
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By Steve
Neat idea! ;-D There are numerous products out there that try to solve the problem by sticking wheels on your street shoes, but they don't work because they don't provide enough stability. Sticking shoes on your blades sound like a great alternative.
By Truzaar
Great idea with the wheel walkers! ;-D
but unluckily, its already been invented. You can get shoes with small wheels at the bottom of your shoes which can snap in and out depending if u want to walk or skate. I still give you credit for an idea like that. ;-D

I am aware of the shoes that double as blades or skates, but this would be a product for the serious blader, not for kids. There is no way those shoes can offer the performace, durability, safety or support that a a real rollerblade boot can.
By The_Wise
This is definately a great idea! I would buy a pair if they were selling.

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