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By edandmariann
Too many insurgents in Iraq are killing US troops with mortars and bombs. I believe we should plant mortars that self distruct and blow up the militants instead. That shouldnt be too difficult. I believe we sould also develop some explosives that blow up as they are being set up. They are committing suicide anyway, why let them take anyone with them? If they wanna die, let them die alone. Eventually the ones who want to live will be afraid of setting up any bombs or firing any mortars.
By Rishi
Reminds me of the (apocryphal?) story of an illiterate Russian peasant, who went to a science exhibition. A scientist told him that he had invented a universal solvent. The peasant asked,"In what container do you store it in?".

The unfortunate manufacturer of the suggested invention will be the first one to meet his Maker.

What will the defence forces of US use to destroy its enemies?


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