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By jincubus
I'm going to start off by saying that I have ADD. This promotes a problem as far as entertainment. It needs to be interesting to a whole different level for me to pay attention. I would like to create a website with the domain. it is an available address and can be purchased. It would include a page where users can edit stories. Let me explain this concept. There would be ongoing stories created by users and edited by users. Someone may have a funny line to include and solely add that while others would write an entire page. Every user would have the option to edit any of the stories on the site. The important thing is that they would be fun to read. You may have problems with people adding a bunch of crap but we would make them get a membership first to at least cut out some of that. Wikipedia works in this way although they don't require membership. I would do this but I don't know how to purchase a website and host it. Im only 18 and have class as well. I would need help from others to mantain it.

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