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By Rod Teeter

Three years ago I discovered how to end the craving for alcohol without support of any kind. It is my hope to present this monograph as simply as possible, so forgive me if I sound a bit curt! Im quite given to rambling on about subjects, so I must stay focused! I must stay focused!

I will show you how to use alcohol's own toxic effect against itself for lasting results. This is not hypnosis, it is more like rebooting a PC setting. Time tested 2 years & counting! We will 'shut off' the craving impulse for alcohol by way of a dialog with the 'unconscious' mind. This technique works only with alcohol. Other drugs do not effect the nervous system with the intensity of trauma nessessary for change.

From your first drink, your nervous system reacted with certain impulses to the brain. These impulses signaled an 'immediate' peril no different in intensity than if you had lost a limb in a accident! Thousands of brain cells began to 'wink out' and die. All 'physical' signals alarmed 'impending death is here'! I believe these signals are sent from every nervous system each time alcohol is introduced.

Our own 'willful' & repeated use of alcohol changed the 'meaning' of the physical warning signals until addiction set in. The fact that our minds are easily 'programmed', coupled with the fact that we do not actually die after drinking, has changed these warning signals. We will re-introduce or 'reboot' the signal's original meaning. Then we will set up a dialog with the unconscious mind to 'trap' it with logic to 'shut off' the impulse it is sending to the brain. The length of time required will depend on how quickly you can master 'idomotor' responses. This usually takes only minutes, but don't give up because this works for everyone! This technique is also repeatable. If you decide that the sober style is not yours after trying the technique. You can repeat it with the same amazing results!

Make a pendulum from string & weight.
Hold between your fingers in any fashion.
Pendulumn will move in 4 directions.
Ask yourself 4 questions, note answers.
1. Which direction for the answer "Yes".
2. "No".
3. "I don't know".
4. "I don't want to tell you".

After you have your replies, you must ask questions.

Note: You may word these questions to suit yourself, as long as your unconscious gets the point. Do not use the term 'drink' to mean 'drinking alcohol'. Your mind will never agree to stop drinking all together... It will die! In the same light, your mind will stop drinking alcohol once it 'remembers' the true 'factory default setting'. The unconscious mind is gullible, but it is as cold as a computer when it comes to 'self-preservation'! It cares nothing that the signals do not kill. It must obey the signals regardless, and it will!

1. "Do you know that the signal sent from your nervous system when you drink alcohol is one of an 'immediate alarm of dying?"

If your answer is "yes", go to question 2.
If "No", then tell it so with force until it recognizes the truth.

2. "Are you able to have desires for anything that will bring about 'immediate death'?

Answer: NO. Go to question 3

Answer: Yes. Your unconscious may be lying to you, it will if it feels threatened by your questions. Ask it if it is lying. It may lie about the first question, but will come clean about the lie if you press it. Or you may need more help than I can give.

3. " Will you stop your impulse for drinking alcohol, knowing what you now know about the signals you recieve?"

Answer: Yes. Then go to question 4.

4. "Will you stop the impulse for drinking alcohol now?"

Answer: Yes. Then say.

"Then stop the impulse now!"

You will 'feel' its effect instantly!

If you or someone you love bears the weight of alcohol addiction, please give this a try, you will be glad you did!

Contact me:
Rod Teeter
Wisconsin Dells WI
By Guest Caren
Hi Rod,
I read your thoughts on how to control alcohol cravings. This is the same way I beat my cravings. It works!!!! I haven't had a single twitch since and its been 5 years. Wow! I learned about this from A.A. plus lots of other great stuff. What better way to get great information other then - straight from the horses mouth. Just as you want other people to stay open minded to your ideas we must broaden our own paths of positive approaches to the good things of life. For some God stands for Good Orderly Direction...Cheers
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By Michael D. Grissom
WOW -- I can't believe I read the WHOLE thing!

I've tried, unsucessfully, my whole life, to become an alcoholic. If anyone deserves to be -- it's ME. However, my room-mate has been one for 30 years so, I passed this to him. Hope it works for him.

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